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Cannibal Soup: Tubbing with the Thompsons


Can there be a more perfect title for a book about hot tubbing? Don’t even get us started on the world-record-attempt on the cover!

If you’re like us and obsessed with being as luxurious as possible as often as possible, you’ll know that there’s nothing like a sesh in the Jacuzzi to make you feel like a millions bucks. And yes, we do mean the kind of SESH, as concurred in this book, which promotes mood enhancers like marijuana for the ultimate hot tub experience.

From tips on the best munchies to serve or whether to blast Mozart or Mick Jagger from the sound system, to practical advice on how to actually build your very own outdoor spa (redwood decks and cobblestone accents et al). This book has you completely covered – until you get into hot water, that is! Then clothing is optional!


Publication date: 1978

Publisher: Prism

Description: Softcover. 1st Edition. 107p.


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