Architecture and Interiors

All their Own: People and the Places they Build


By Jan Wampler.

The best kind of Outsider Art (beside Prison Art) is the kind created by untrained builders who express themselves through their homes. Their incredible, super ornamental abodes, are sometimes called "non-pedigreed architecture", and can be described as "an architecture not based on current styles, forms, or monuments but based on the desires of people." They were made without the help of money, without the help of trained architects and without the burden of the norms of society, using found materials like driftwood, wagon wheels, hand-dried bricks, rolled newspaper and even embalming bottles. They are made with tremendous love, energy and originality, by people who know who they are, what they want and who can think for themselves.

Travelling all over the US in the mid 70s, the Author met and photographed countless such homes and compiled the builders' stories in this priceless book. The use of the word "inspirational" is bandied around so often it almost has no meaning anymore, a more fitting word to describe this book instead is: affecting.

Publication date: 1978

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Details: Softcover. 1st paperback Edition. 205p. 

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