Andy Warhol's Party Book


This is the ultimate party book by the ultimate party attendee – who else but Andy Warhol? Dedicated to: “Anyone who ever invited us anywhere or didn't kick us out when we crashed”, this is as close to fly-on-the-wall as you can get to Warhol's world without actually having been there to gawk and eaves-drop.

Filled with commentary by Warhol as well as anecdotes and interviews with everyone from waiters and doormen to professional party throwers and celebrity heavyweights, it is as comprehensive in party details as Liz Taylor's liquor store grocery list. Our personal highlights include John Waters on his 40th birthday party at an old age home, and a dinner party at Yoko Ono's in which she prank called Richard Nixon.

Ah, but all good parties eventually come to an end, and this one fittingly ends with the most final of all hurrah's – Andy's funeral. May he rest in party heaven for all eternity!


Publication date: 1988


Publisher: Crown


Details: Softcover. 1st Edition. 60p.

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