American Denim


Truly, this book is AMAZING! A celebration of the craft of Denim Art in all it's airbrushed, patchwork, bedazzled, embroidered glory, 'American Denim' is more than a collectable book - it's a CULT reference book for those interested in customised clothing and crafts with "an attitude which holds that it is all right for human beings not to be machines, and that the imperfect work of a single human being's hands is of value, whether it keeps the rain off or not, whether it sells or not." So image-heavy that the hardest thing was picking the best images to show you, so we'll just leave you with the words of Martha Green (just one of many Denim Artists featured in this book): “I think of my garments as space wear, and can't help feeling superwomanish in them. I view my work with cloth and thread as a cosmic adventure: the finished products contain magical powers”. She's dead serious.

Publication date: 1975

Publisher: Warner / Abrams

Details: Softcover. 1st Edition. 157p.

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