Tie-Dyed Paper


By Anne Maile

Have your tie-dyed t-shirts and leggings lost their flair? Are you longing for a new material to drench in luminous colours and original, kaleidoscopic designs? Perhaps something of a more … tree-like variety?

Now the same basic techniques of tie-dye can be applied to the most available of all materialspaper. Ideal for used envelopes, napkins, greaseproof and crepe papers, and biscuit wrapping.  

With large instructional diagrams—including a detailed guide to the dying processeven your very young children can join in the fun. You’ll be producing the most psychedelic hand puppets, masks, mobiles, hats and animals in no time. 

Publication date: 1975

Publisher: Mills & Boon Limited

Description: Hardcover with dustjacket. 136p.

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