Counter Culture

Paradise Now


Collective Creation of The Living Theatre

Written down by Judith Malina and Julian Beck.

“The play Paradise Now is not a private property: there are no performance royalties to pay; it is free: for any community that wants to plays it.”

So begins the intro to this play/performance art/ happening by experimental theatre group, The Living Theatre. So off-the-wall that there was no script to follow, in fact it wasn’t written down by the group’s founders until six months after the premiere – more than fifty performances later.

What is it about? In their own words:

“The play is a voyage from the many to the one and from the one to the many. It is a spiritual voyage and an exterior voyage. It is a voyage for the actors and the spectators. It begins in the present and moves into the future and returns to the present. The plot is Revolution…

The Revolution of which the play speaks is The Beautiful Non-Violent Anarchist Revolution.” 

Publication date: 1971

Publisher: Vintage

Description: Softcover. 1st edition. 154p.

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